Debonair Material is a lifestyle brand. The brand isn’t about just streetwear, it’s about the feeling. The brand is about all facets of life and inspiration; music, sports, different cultures, art. The definition of debonair is to be confident, stylish, cultured, fashionable, gallant, among other adjectives. These are the people that support the brand. People aren’t one dimensional, neither should the brands that they identify with be. Debonair Material wants to push the envelope, to inspire, push others to be debonair. Material means the matter from which a thing's created or can be. So whether it be music, art, fashion or culture, debonair defines the material.


Owner/Creative Director: Donte' Cotton

Long Island born and Baltimore-raised, as an adolescent, he started to brand identify and understand how to run a business. He enjoyed the work and became more aware of his appearance. This lead to friendships in the streetwear scene and he became more indulged in the culture. In high school, his interest in fashion grew. Donte took a class in entrepreneurship where he had to create a mock company. His first idea was a clothing line. The idea stuck with him, making his first designs by using online photoediting software. During his junior year, he took a marketing class where he had to once more, create a business. It was here that he was able to use his passion and became more inclined to the idea of owning his own brand. As the years went on, he continued to be inspired to chase his fashion-design dream. Within a few years, Debonair Material became a reality.


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